Sports Walls

Our goal is to have sports walls on every elementary school in Ontario and eventually all of Canada. Having sports walls on schools is the first step to getting our kids away from the screens and switching to playing sports outside. Kids are in school 8am-3:30pm, having their favorite sports available to them during and after school would do wonders for their health, sports/team. skills and friendship making. With schools in every community anyone can go play their favourite sports for free.

What’s a sports wall?

A sports wall is an outside gym; it turns a boring school wall into a sports zone. Imagine being able to play half court basketball, volley ball, tennis or even soccer and only needing a ball and friends to play!


• Kids will improve their sports talents, confidence, leadership, teamwork and fair game skills the more they play.

• Sports gets kids away from the tv screen. The biggest difference between overweight youth and their healthy-weight peers is the amount of time they spend in front of TV or computer screens, according to a new study that compares different lifestyles. Link

• Keeps kids out of trouble. Sports are a great influence for why kids say no to drugs, gangs and stay in school. Fewer fights happen when kids are active playing sports.

• Creates a sports hub where anyone in the local community can play their favourite sports for free


Here are some schools with sports walls
Get Active N Play!

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If we build it, they will come and play!